Tuyển dụng nhân viên

Tuyển dụng nhân viên

1. Nhân viên Dịch vụ Khách hàng

Ngày đăng: 09/01/2015
Customer Services Staff ( Pleiku, Nha Trang)
A - Trách Nhiệm Chính:

• Thực hiện các nhiệm vụ Dịch vụ khách hàng:
• Thực hiện các công việc hỗ trợ kinh doanh tại chỗ.
• Giám sát công việc nhân viên thu phí cũng như các nhân viên dịch vụ văn phòng và bảo vệ (đối với Văn phòng đại diện).
• Phối hợp với các phòng ban thực hiện các mục tiêu hoạt động chung của văn phòng.
• Thực hiện những công việc khác khi có yêu cầu từ Giám đốc văn phòng kinh doanh/Khu vực.

B - Yêu Cầu Công Việc:
• Tốt nghiệp Đại học, Cao đẳng các ngành liên quan kinh tế, tài chính, quản trị…
• Ngoại hình dễ nhìn. Tác phong lịch sự, thân thiện.
• Giọng nói rõ ràng, không nói ngọng, nói lắp.
• Có kinh nghiệm liên quan đến Dịch vụ KH;
• Kỹ năng sử dụng vi tính văn phòng
• Kỹ năng làm việc theo nhóm để đạt mục tiêu chung.

Ngày hết hạn: 31/01/2015
Ứng tuyển

2. Chuyên viên IT – Hệ thống Mạng và Hạ tầng CNTT

Ngày đăng: 09/01/2015
 IT Executive - Network and Infrastructure (Head Office)
A - Accountabilities

• Responsible for implement, monitor and maintaining the communication system including LAN, WAN, Intranet, Security and Telecommunications system
• Co-operate with NI team to provide the best IT Helpdesk service to users
• Co-operate with NI team to periodically perform BCP checking and BCP update towards LAN, WAN, Internet system
• To provide fully support for setting up new Branches, any new projects implementation of Network Infrastructure Team
• Manage the Network Equipment inventory
• Create, edit procedures and user guides to ensure that they are up to date
• Responsible for self-improving IT knowledge to work better.

B - Job Specification
• B.A Degree in Computer Science. (CCNA/ MCSE is referable)
• Experience in Server System and Network Administration
• Experience in IT Help Desk and technical support.
• Knowledge of Linux and Microsoft Windows LAN Operating system.
• Knowledge of server, network equipment.
• Good command of spoken and written English.

Expired day:

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3. Chuyên viên IT – Phân tích Hệ thống Kinh doanh

Ngày đăng: 09/01/2015
 It Executive – Business Analysis (Head Office)
A - Accountabilities
• Utilizes knowledge of both the life insurance industry and current company life system functionality by writing simple business specifications and performs various validity testing;
• Consults with users to define needs or problem areas, and determines scope of investigation required to recommend possible solutions;
• Develop and execute simple test plans;
• Contributes to the resolution of common system problems;
• Assists with user on-the-job training on basic functional components;
• Participates and contributes during studies and/or gap analysis in order to identify functional gaps between the user’s current processes and current company systems’ functionality;
• Analyzes data to determine solutions to system processing according to the user’s business requirements.
Provide day-to-day applications and operations supports.

B - Job Specification
• University Graduate, major in Business/Computing.
• Experiences in Life insurance/Financial business is preferable
• Basic knowledge of data base: MSSQL or MySQL or DB2;
• Computer literate in office suite of products (word, spreadsheet, flowchart, presentation etc.);
• Understanding of applications interfaces between life system and other corporate systems.
• Good analytical skills and attentive to details;
• Analytical thinking and a fast learner;
• Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines;
• Good command of spoken and written English;

Expired day:
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4. Chuyên viên IT – Phát triển Phần mềm Ứng dụng

Ngày đăng: 09/01/2015
It Executive – Application Development (Head Office)
A - Accountabilities
• Analyze the business specs then prepare technical specs and develop the new systems or enhance existing system for supporting business needs.
• Support the team leader/ others colleagues to provide the best technical solution timely.
• Investigate and answer daily enquiries on systems functional as well as problem encountered
• In charge of unit test on enhancements / new development under responsibility
• Assist users/team leader on building test scripts to cover all test cases.

B - Job Specification
• University Graduate, major in Information Technology.
• At least 3 years in IT technical analysis and programming
• Have the knowledge in Web-based application programming and WebSphere Application environment.
• Win-based application programming (Android is preferable)
• Good English skills

Expired day: 31/01/2015
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5. Phó phòng Dịch vụ Văn phòng

Ngày đăng: 09/01/2015
Office Services Assistant Manager (Head Office)
A - Accountabilities
1. Office network development:
• Assit Head of OS in planing to devolop company office network adapting to sale plan, in term of: budgeting for office relocation, reno / repair;
• In charge of office relocation/renovation projects, in term of layout review, check BOQ and cooperate with Purchasing to select contractor for doing fitting out.
2. Office lease contract matters (contract preparation, termination, liquidation… include office lease, services contract…)
• Follow up office lease contract payment and due date of existing lease contract for all office lease contract maintained any time.
• Look for and recommend good location for Office move project.
• Assit OS Sr Manager to negotiate lease conditons with Landlord and drafting office lease contract.
3. Office monitoring:
• Monitoring and promoting Dai-ichi life VN office standards.
• Set up new and/or promoting existing OS’ process, guideline, rules, tools ... to support for office management.
• Working with interior designers/contractors on office design and office renovation (incl. layout, fitting out plan, furniture and network cabling, M&E works....).
• Monitoring deadline of office fit out /reno & office move.
• Propose for optimizing space using for more professional and cost saving if any.
4. Provide all office services:
• Scheduling for office maintenance and cleaning for all offices, to maintain a professional image for DLVN offices.
• Coordinating with Finance for fixed asset year end inventory with Accounting for HO
• Oversee all matters relating to provide the services for all user department in term of office small repair / re-arrange.
• Take responsibilities in office safety and fire prevent fighting matters.
5. Building Management:
• Assit OS Manager to work with the outside contractors / vendors and in-house technicians to solve matters of M&E system of the building.
• Monitoring execution of Building rules, update and/or promoting Daiichi life Building management Manual, if need
• Take responsibility for safety and security of the building.
• Planning and organizing fire drill for DLVN Building every year.
• Following up and review monthly reports for building expenses.

B - Job Specification
• University degree
• At least 05 years’ experience in the same field
• Having technical knowledge in interior décor / construction and M&E system of building/ tower are advantages.
• Good negotiation skills
• Being able to communicate and co-ordinate with people at all levels
• Able to work under pressure of workload and deadlines
• Fluency in both English and Vietnamese communication skills;
• Proficient in using Microsoft Office Suite, ACAD, Visio and Microsoft office;
• Strongly in Team leadership;
• Being flexible and open minded;
• Able to work independently.

Expired day: 31/01/2015
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6. Chuyên viên Quản lý Hợp đồng

Ngày đăng: 09/01/2015
Policy Services Executive (Head Office)
A – Accountabilities
• Assit Receive and handle with assigned duties accurately, timely and in good customer services manners for:
   - Policy alterations and reinstatement.
   - Policy valuations.
• Regularly follow up pending report to make sure the client’s request to be processed appropriately.
• Stay current and proficient with workflow, latest forms, computer system, application and department goal.
• Participates actively in development of working procudure/special project with effective and timely maner
• Recommend to Head of PS initiatives in improving the PS efficiency and quality of services.
• Other jobs as delegated by the line manager.

B - Job Specification
• Bachelor degree
• Relevant life insurance qualifications such as LOMA certificates.
• At least 2 years of customer services experience.
• Very good communication and problem solving skills.
• English: fluent
• Proficient in Microsoft office and excel.
• Ability to learn all current company operating systems needs to perform the job.
•Strong customer services focus, attention to quality, accuracy and detail.

Expired day: 31/01/2015
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